Abaca Methods of Extraction

Hand Stripping

A process of extracting fiber in which the narrow strip of abaca leaf sheath (tuxy) is placed under smooth or serrated knife with pressure. The extraction is done by pulling the leaf sheath. Output ranges from 15-25 kg fiber per day.


A semi-mechanized process of extracting fiber. The tuxy is fed into the stripping knife of the machine and extraction is done by a spindle rotated by a motor. Output is between 80-120 kg of fiber per day.


mechanized process of fiber extraction where leaf sheaths are scraped by a machine with revolving wheels with knives.

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Methods of Propagation
  • Seedpeices (corms)
  • Suckers
  • Tissue Culture
  • Seeds

Abaca (Musa textilis Nee) is a member of the Musaceae family to which the banana also belongs. Although the resemblance of the abaca to banana is close, there are basic differences. Abaca stalks are more slender, the leaves are smaller, narrower and more pointed than those of the banana. A distinguishing dark line on the right hand side of the upper surface of the leaf blade is pronounced in abaca. The fruit of abaca is smaller, non-edible and contains many seeds.

Principal Uses